vic hutchinson
Seems these days there are a lot of so-called self-made millionaires claiming to supply website visitors to their websites lessons in either PDF, email, webinar, or video form for a set fee - usually an exorbitant charge of $2k or maybe more. More often than not the methods taught by these people is perhaps all theory although they provide tell you proof you don't ever hear about anyone else who makes their fortunes using these trainings.

vic hutchinson

However once in a blue moon there arrives of the woodwork a genuine professional that may substantiate their claims and is also ready to help others carry out the same. Here is the case with a recent self-made millionaire georgia boy, Vic Hutchinson, that I recently met online.

vic hutchinson

Vic is really a former ex-marine who after being leaving the military made a decision to pursue an offline/online marketing career instead of accepting a 9 - 5 job such as the majority of ex-military do. His first ventures in to the marketing world was comprised of your typical offline network marketing schemes and matrices; of which he learned quickly that most of these turn out to be ponzi type schemes or setup so that the first in helps make the money and the ones joining afterwards become the "cannon fodder."

To not be deterred Vic continuing inside the network and MLM world made a decision to try the world wide web in the same genre, soon to learn that nothing had changed other than the failures happened faster. He did learn a lot about marketing generally throughout these endeavors, so when he admits that in the current video trainings, "Some of those guys are geniuses and really know what they're talking about."

Having learned the basics of promoting the hard way Vic chose to venture down another path simply by entering the How-to niche internet marketing world. Employing his previous experiences he soon began seeing $1000 and sometimes $10k sales days. Quickly he started to become marketing leader with companies and products he promoted, but in addition he realized that the real money made online was from selling your own personal products, of which Vic started creating.

Struggling initially and in the end "figuring all of it out" because he says, Vic on the way experienced some areas of self improvement and loa type philosophies and decided it was time for him to share the wealth, or more precisely share his familiarity with what he'd learned before 10 numerous years of understanding how to market online.

So in Oct of 2008 Vic Hutchinson decides to "come out of underground" as he puts it and launches his original Website marketing tutorial/training product "The Tank Method" This system contains a 5 part video training series that walked a student through setting up a website through Yahoo hosting and establishing a payment processor, Paypal, for receiving online payments for products sold out of this website.

Included on this series of videos can be a video Vic termed "The Marketing Miracle" as they delves into some of his self-help and loa working out for a quick lesson concerning how to truly take the mindset for being successful. Finally within the last video Vic reveals how you can setup a precise copy from the Tank Method website so the student can be an instant reseller using their initial product of their own online.

This is simply the start though. The Tank Way is a product that the student sell as their own, however the training stops there at getting the student's website and functional. The next phase is finding out how to actually market this or really another other website and generate traffic and purchases.

Until recently these trainings were by invite only through video series sets that Vic created and sold to only select few. In Jan of this year Vic chose to open up this training around the world by offering an initial group of free videos along with the offer to obtain further advanced training through his $1000 in 1 week project. It has been called the "Make $200 per Day" course by a few individuals.

So if you are always with me and scanning this you might be thinking, "So the thing that makes this diverse from some other Internet Marketing video training classes or courses?"

I don't know some other approach to put it than simply to state the difference is within the trainer Vic himself. Vic can be a right down to earth southern boy who speaks his mind freely during his trainings. In reality he is recognized to sometimes veer totally out of the training session and off into another arena of thought altogether. Usually though he is able to tie these ramblings into the current lesson though so as not to just waste time needlessly.

The techniques that Vic teaches are a variety of new and customary techniques, in each he adds his own spin regarding how to make them more effective. Not long ago i began testing among his methods and also to my surprise, although method was not a new comer to me, using Vic's spin onto it I developed a sale in the first Two days of implementation. Which means this to me spoke all alone of methods well it trainings Vic gives will be to being effective.

In summary Vic Hutchinson is often a unique individual, truly unique as part of his method of both website marketing and the teachings of his techniques. He likes to talk and can crank out video after video on anything thats new or excites him about marketing or sometimes just life generally speaking. Oh, did I mention Vic is a avid fisher? He wants to talk about hanging out out on the lakes and with his family too.

Anyone that's searching for a new perspective to internet marketing or just totally brand-new can study a lot from Vic. He is certainly ready to pour his heart and soul into his video trainings - that become evident from your very first one you watch.


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